Augusta Youth Chorale


Auditions are usually held on Sunday afternoons during August through Labor Day just prior to our upcoming season. If you are interested in being added to our mailing list for audition announcements, please fill out the Audition Request Form. Auditions are always desired, so it’s not too early or late to request an audition!

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      What can I expect in an audition?
      The actual audition will take less than 15 minutes, and will include:

      • Matching pitch (the pianist will play a note or phrase, and you will sing it back)
      • Range testing (vocalizing to your highest and lowest comfortable notes)
      • Singing a short vocal selection. If you are studying voice privately, bring a piece you have prepared with your teacher.  If you are not taking lessons, you will be asked to sing one of the following selections:  "Amazing Grace," "Fairest Lord Jesus," or "Silent Night."  Plan on two verses; music will be provided.

      Do you play piano or another instrument? 
      Bring music and your instrument (a piano will be provided), as we’re always looking for ways to incorporate our singers’ other musical gifts into our program!


      Where are the auditions held?
      AYC Auditions are held at Christ Church, Presbyterian, 4201 Southern Pines Drive, Evans. When you enter the church property, follow the signs into the Sanctuary and upstairs.

      When will I find out if I’ve been accepted?
      Letters of invitation are usually mailed out within one week after your audition.

      Who will hear my audition?
      Auditions for the AYC are not public. The only people listening to your audition will be the Director, Dr. Pylant, and perhaps one other professional musician invited to help select our singers. Your friends and family will need to wait outside.